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Unmasking Dissent: Loyalty in Disguise

Random Thoughts of Nothingness - Published by matthew

Breaking the Ice: Bridging Dissent and Loyalty If you've ever found yourself holding back a contrary opinion at work, or biting your tongue during a heated family dinner, you're not alone. The idea of dissent is often shrouded in fear and misunderstanding. However, when I read Ozan Varol's telling of Netflix's 2011 Qwikster saga regarding the ...more

Rethinking the December Rush: Why December Strategic Planning Is Probably Ineffective & Lacks Compassion

Random Thoughts of Nothingness - Published by matthew

Every year, the holiday season rolls around, and with it often comes the daunting task of annual strategic planning. Traditionally conducted in December, this practice, upon closer examination, may be less than ideal.  Let’s dive into why a rethink may be in order (aka. Why I hate this practice and your team probably does, too.) Holiday Distractions December ...more

Forgiveness and Apologies

Random Thoughts of Nothingness - Published by matthew

You don't wanna know my hurt, yeahLet me guess, you want an apology, probably- "Let You Down", NF Recently, our family was having a conversation on forgiveness, earning an apology, and accepting an apology. I was making the case that these are related but not synonyms. It opened a discussion about what each is and how ...more

Evolution of Why

Random Thoughts of Nothingness - Published by matthew

I have read Simon Sinek's book Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action and watched his Ted Talk a dozen times. The heart of Sinek's message is that purpose drives people in an organization. Organizations succeed by clearly defining their purpose and deeply aligning people to that purpose. Despite the numerous ...more

Prevalent Emotion During These Unprecedented Times

Random Thoughts of Nothingness - Published by matthew

The world is on lockdown. The stock market is volatile. Unemployment has set multiple records and not in a good way. Politicians are acknowledging death. None of that might compare to the deprivation of human connection.  We are socially distancing from people we love... or even like. We yearn for human connections beyond those displayed on ...more