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Why I Referenced Anne Frank to My Kids As They Start School

Random Thoughts of Nothingness - Published by matthew

Two of our three kids have already started school. Those two are Gabe and Owen who will be in separate schools for the first time in 8 years. That breakup with them also means all three will be in different schools for the first time. Ever. The kids being gone inevitably means that we will have ...more

From Squishy to Ultramarathons & The One Critical Lesson I Learned

Random Thoughts of Nothingness - Published by matthew

"Not every end is the goal. The end of a melody is not its goal; and yet: as long as the melody has not reached its end, it also hasn't reached its goal. A parable."- Friedrich Nietzsche March 26th marks an unsung anniversary in my life. On that date in 2010, I stepped out of our ...more

Wim Hof Expedition: Post-Freeze Recap

Random Thoughts of Nothingness - Published by matthew

"Why are you here? What made you come all the way to Poland to walk into freezing water and hike a snowy mountain in only shorts and boots?" Before answering this, I have an admission. I am struck with dichotomies. I live a life of dichotomies. I love running races in the summer, and I hate cold ...more

Do You Know Your 100 Miles? (Not Running Related)

Random Thoughts of Nothingness - Published by matthew

In light of the recent CEO announcement for Contegix, I decided it was to resurrect this draft blog post. The post is surprisingly not about Leadville, ultramarathons, or even running despite the question. It is about knowing oneself and what one wants for a life well prioritized and planned. Of all the questions around the Contegix ...more

Stay On The Bike - The One Rule

Random Thoughts of Nothingness - Published by matthew

"There is only one rule. You can't give up." This is the advice I give someone when diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. It's probably the only rule that matters for everyone even Lance Armstrong. I recently heard Jesse Itzler retell a story Lance Armstrong shared with him. Regardless of how one feels about Armstrong, the story puts ...more