After humping it for quite a few years with family and Contegix, it is now time to get back to blogging. It has been too long. I already have a few posts in draft format that will be ready to go over the next few days and weeks. There will be a few changes. First, the blog at will be mostly focused on the personal side of the topics – family, tech, Contegix, and entrepreneurship. These will be more related to me and my personal experiences. Contegix Thoughts From Insider The Ether Blog will contain Contegix business, our infrastructure, etc. Keep checking it out! For entrepreneurship, I will be launching in the near future. Keep watching there! And[…]

Ah, travel. It’s one of those ideas that seems really sexy when you are younger. See new places, meet new people, all without hassles thanks to the modern day conveniences. In a past life, I even took advantage of those fringe benefits such as frequent flyer miles. This allowed me to earn premium status on American Airlines at one time and pay $25.00 to take my family to Florida last summer. Never once had those horrible trips described in magazines and folklore… until recently. I needed to head to Portland, Oregon for business. My goal was to leave Saint Louis on Wednesday, February 6, 2008 and return the next day. I had arranged for 2 meetings in the late afternoon[…]

We recently advertised for a new administrative assistant. This person will have contact with our customers and have some minimal billing and HR responsibilities. Both additional responsibilities are relatively minimal since we have other people in billing and outsource HR to a third-party. I took interest in this hire since this person will be working directly for me. After pushing through 60+ resumes on a plane ride, I decided to write this blog post. We received a number of good and a few great resumes; however, I was utterly surprised by the people who do not know how to apply for a job. After reading our replies for Linux admins, this holds true to those applicants as well. Read the[…]

A few weeks back, we posted a job opening on We have found some truly great employees through the site. One of the worst parts of is the recruiter spam. This would not be offensive if the spammer was actually applying for the right bloody job. Below is an email we received to our only resume address. This is from a random recruiter trying to sell her client. The only jobs we have posted on (and thus have associated with this email address) are for Linux engineers. Hi, I am attaching the resume of Radha, Sr. .NET Consultant. · Over 7 years experience in software design and development of n-tier business systems using various technologies. Over[…]