Two weekends ago, I had the opportunity to crew and pace a friend, Jeffrey, making his second attempt to run the Leadville Trail 100 race, aka LT100 or “The Race Across the Sky”. For those unfamiliar with LT100, it is a 100 mile race held annually that was first held in 1983. This would be the 33rd running of this scenic out and back race that starts and finishes in downtown Leadville, Colorado. During the race, runners cross through the heart of the Rocky Mountains. The highlight of the race is the climb up to Hope Pass at 12,620 feet above sea level which one gets to experience twice! Racers run unsupported the first 50 miles. Pacers are only allowed[…]

Recently, Forbes published an article on cloud computing, its popularity, and whether it is ready for prime time. While the cloud infrastructure and application markets are currently sized at $33B and $106B, respectively, and are continuing to grow, “[a] new … Read More

Having a successful business hopefully means having customer accolades and cheers. It also means customer complaints. Thanks to our amazing staff, we have very few complaints. Our internal scores and feedback mechanisms reiterate the happiness of our customer base. Yet, … Read More

I am surprised that there are still companies that employ “the enterprise sales process” . We often see this employed when we evaluate new hardware vendors. Here is how I recently described the process to a potential vendor (who thankfully promised to not do this): Vendor send quote. I gasp. I reply that I received the quote and that we will be evaluating it. Vendor calls and emails numerous times – to the point of excessive. I pretend to go on vacation or be “crazy busy”. Vendor eventually leaves a message and sends an email regarding how they value us a  partner (which actually means customer). Also, the message states that prices have temporarily dropped due to some random, arbitrary[…]