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In Defense of Daylight Savings

Random Thoughts of Nothingness - Published by matthew

I have been thinking about daylight savings the past few weeks as it approached. Most articles, blog posts, Facebook updates, etc. will be around the idea that daylight savings is not practical. I wholeheartedly concur, but I do not think it is useless. I waited a few days after the time change in hopes that ...more

Leadville 2016 - Post-Race Report

Random Thoughts of Nothingness - Published by matthew

We have a debt to those before us and an obligation to those that come after us. We maximize life and potential through heart, intelligence, and grit. We focus on our bond. We do all of this together because we are always stronger together. Mostest. -- Porter Family Mission Statement In August 2015, I had the amazing opportunity ...more

Contegix Volunteer Program: 16 in ’16

Random Thoughts of Nothingness - Published by matthew

Up until a few years ago, I had always disliked the charity pictures of a company representative, usually the CEO or President, giving a big (in physical size) check to a charity representative. It seemed the opposite of what I had always been taught about helping others. One helped for one reason – because it’s ...more

Leadville Trail 100 Recap - Why I'll Return to Leadville

Random Thoughts of Nothingness - Published by matthew

Two weekends ago, I had the opportunity to crew and pace a friend, Jeffrey, making his second attempt to run the Leadville Trail 100 race, aka LT100 or "The Race Across the Sky". For those unfamiliar with LT100, it is a 100 mile race held annually that was first held in 1983. This would be ...more

Cloud Understanding & Adaptation Are A Shared Responsibility

Random Thoughts of Nothingness - Published by matthew

Recently, Forbes published an article on cloud computing, its popularity, and whether it is ready for prime time. While the cloud infrastructure and application markets are currently sized at $33B and $106B, respectively, and are continuing to grow, “ new report from HfS Research concludes that even the largest, most IT-savvy enterprises are still struggling ...more